Exit 13 Magazine is a travelogue in poetry, a reflection of the world we see and a chronicle of the people and places encountered along the way. Since 1988, the emphasis has been on geography and the fertile ground of the imagination.  

Our Story

Exit 13 Magazine is a place for poetry focused on travel, geography and places where we live, work and explore. While many of the poets live in New Jersey, the magazine has attracted poets and poems from every region of the United States and numerous places beyond our shores.

Each annual issue of Exit 13 Magazine includes photographs of Exit 13 road signs. The Exit 13 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, was the inspiration for this magazine, but we've discovered many other Exit 13's on this wonderful planet. If you submit an Exit 13 snapshot or jpeg to Exit13Magazine@yahoo.com or PO Box 423, Fanwood, NJ 07023 USA, and we publish it, we'll gladly send you a contributor's copy of the magazine.

Of course, we're open to reading poems about your travels, adventures and geographic experiences. The reading period each year is September through May. If you send your typed poems to us via PO Box 423, please enclose sufficient postage (a "Forever" stamp) for their return. If you prefer e-mail, please type your poems into the body of the e-mail. The boss doesn't like attachments.

If you'd like a sample issue of Exit 13 Magazine, please send $10.00 to Exit 13 Magazine, Box 423, Fanwood, NJ 07023 USA. Issue number 23 was published in September 2017. Submit your poems from September through May for consideration. Stay tuned for more details. Thanks for your interest.